Literally Nothing You Haven't Heard Before - Featuring The Cyborg Candidate

by Underwater Cartographers

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- Previously on Literally Nothing You Haven't Heard Before -
A man lost his son to a shooting. The man proceeded to commit an unthinkable act that landed him in a coma. While in a comatose state he dreams up a Plutonian space odyssey.

His doctor and family are convinced its been long enough, and they finally decide to pull the plug. Before they have a chance to pull the plug they notice a heartbeat on the heart rate monitor. The man is miraculously resuscitated and wakes up with a new outlook on life. He realizes that second chances don't come often and plans to make the most of this unexpected opportunity.

The coma has left him with slight memory loss. So his psychologist gives him a brief synopsis of the events that led up to his downfall. On the second night of the second day, before he can begin his new optimistic life something happens that causes a complete shut down of his internal organs. He is considered deceased and buried by his friends and family.

While these events are transpiring the 2016 presidential election is beginning to heat up. The rich and powerful have, for generations, been buying candidates with financial contributions and political donations. But something is different this time. The rich have become fed up with the rising attitudes of politicians and are sick of having to give their millions to these pathetic human beings in order to gain legislative favor. So the idea is hatched by these masters of mankind to use their fortunes to bring a dead human back to life, rebuild him with cyborg technology and have him run for office instead.

What happens next is something the political landscape was never prepared for. A completely controlled, fully functioning cyborg with no purpose other than to do the bidding of his sinister creators. He was given no conscious, no sympathy and no reason to exist other than to increase the wealth of his inventors.

Will the Cyborg Candidate become the last president of the united states? Or will it re-develop common sense.

These questions and more will be answered on this episode of
-------- Literally Nothing You Haven't Heard Before --------

Guitar/Vocals - Mick Mortenson
Bass/Vocals - Dottie M. Vincent
Drums - Jay Logstrom
Keyboards - Bobby Martin
Guitar/Vocals - Andrew Wayne Adams
Synthesizer/Vocals - Encarnación Hags
Percussion - Jordy Oats

Recommended to be listened to order but live your life


released June 14, 2016



all rights reserved