Literally Nothing You Haven't Heard Before - Featuring the Rise and Fall of Another Generic American

by Underwater Cartographers

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Picture if you will a nearly neurotic, partially psychotic man, who is a musician at heart. One day he realizes how fruitless his efforts are and gives up on music for a life fully engulfed in the American Dream. A revolving door of debt, a job he hates, a marriage he can't save and two children (or future Apple slaves). Ready to resume the standard work week, something happens that breaks him from his Groundhog day -esque life. He receives a phone call detailing a tragedy that befell his son. He turns on the news to see a shooting has taken place and his son was one of the victims. Like any father he begins the descension into despair and depression. He attempts to get help from a psychologist who goes above and beyond to help him but cant stem the tide of negative thoughts. At his lowest possible point and as the American Dream crashes down around him from every angle, he commits an unthinkable act but survives, only to find himself in a comatose state. In the hospital bed he dreams of music that describes his downward spiral. As the coma worsens he falls even deeper into a vegetative state. Without any real chance of a future for this man, the remainder of his family is left with a heart wrenching choice; should the plug remain intact?

(We recommend listening to it in order but at the end of the day do what you want it doesn't really matter).


released November 16, 2015

Guitar/Vocals - Mick Mortenson
Bass/Vocals - Dottie M. Vincent
Drums - Jay Logstrom
Keyboards - Bobby Martin
Guitar/Vocals - Andrew Wayne Adams
Synthesizer/Vocals - Encarnación Hags
Percussion - Jordy Oats

Huge thanks to our Producer Clark "The Colorado Kid" Baron
Also thanks to Penny Nichols for additional music theory support.
And thanks to Charley Tombs for providing us with the mastered tracks.



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